Save your precious time and money in importing Chinese goods through a reliable agent

With over eight years of successful experiences in importing goods to its United States clients China Sourcing services’ employees are well versed with all the ins and outs of this trade. They will help you get your desired products from China shipped at your doorsteps in a hassle free way.

You must first specify your requirements in all clear terms and the company will get the same delivered within two to three months.  Prospective clients can get assured of its high quality services as testified by old clients’ testimonials. Feel free to visit us online at


Keep all your issues involved with importing goods from China at bay with reliable sourcing agent

If you are running business company and you require procuring Chinese goods or products for your company then you must avail the services of a reputed and reliable sourcing agent like China Sourcing services who can help you get the requisite products in desired amount from China.

China Sourcing services provides a hassle free importing services to all its clients in US and has been instrumental in allaying down fears of US clients to import goods from China. For more information and fact finding feel free to visit us online at

Always insist on selecting the right and reliable sourcing agent like China Sourcing services

Founded by Lawrie Elwell in 2003 China Sourcing services has emerged as a leading sourcing agent for all people and business Groups in United States who want to import goods from China on a cost effective price and in a hassle free way.

Having nearly eight years experiences in meeting the importing needs of its clients the company can cater to the import sourcing needs and requirements of individuals as well as companies alike.  With a team of highly dedicated employees and a well maintained infrastructure China Sourcing Services can stand true to its clients’ expectations.  You can easily find more information about the company on its site

Get Chinese goods imported in a hassle free way

If you are looking for procuring Chinese goods and materials on a cost effective price but are worried about the fraud, or getting an empty container then you must avail the services of a reputed and reliable importing agent like China Sourcing Services.  Being established in 2003 the company has been a leading sourcing agent for all its clients in United States who prefer to import goods and electronic products from China and the Far East.

The company has emerged as the most reliable partner for Individuals and business companies in United States to procure the desired products from China. Moreover the company does not take any charge for sourcing.

China Sourcing services: sourcing and supplying Chinese goods to US clients

China Sourcing Services established in 2003 has been instrumental in providing hassle free importing services of Chinese goods and products to its clients in United States. With its offices in USA, UK and China the company excels in bringing years of experience in catering to the urgent needs and requirements of individuals as well as business groups.  The importing agent ensures that all its clients get the maximum value on the purchase and import of Chinese products.

The sourcing agent will help you get the required products delivered at your doorsteps in the most hassle free manner.  For more information and services feel free to visit us online at

China Sourcing Services: A reliable importing agent!

Started in 2003 by the experienced Lawrie Elwell, China Sourcing Services has grown to become a well-established product sourcing agent. We have what it takes to serve the needs of businesses of all sizes. If you want quality products from China, then our expertise will help you fulfill your needs, effectively. We make importing from China an easy and streamlined process.

In addition, the prices offered by us are reasonable and our business policies are also transparent and honest. We also have a robust online presence in the form of our website Just visit our site and get a free consultation today!

China Sourcing Services: Sourcing only quality Chinese products for you!

Many businesses in US are reluctant to deal with Chinese suppliers as they feel the latter compromise on quality. But this is not at all true. At China Sourcing Services, we can say this from experience that there are many a reliable and sincere factories in China. Moreover, we maintain a strong relationship with them by traveling there frequently. All the nitty-gritties are taken care of when we select a supplier to meet your requirements. As a reputed product sourcing agent, we have made the entire process of product sourcing from China more efficient and trustworthy. Visit for more.